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atrophic rhinitis


Medical Definition of atrophic rhinitis

  1. 1:  chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose resulting in atrophy and sclerosis of the nasal mucosa; especially :  ozena <The cause of atrophic rhinitis is unknown, with the leading theory being age-related mucosal atrophy, sometimes complicated by secondary bacterial infection.—Dennis K. Ledford, in Allergic Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment, 3rd edition, 2007>

  2. 2:  a chronic disease of swine that is characterized by purulent inflammation of the nasal mucosa, atrophy of the nasal conchae, and abnormal swelling and distortion of the face <The severity of atrophic rhinitis in a herd depends largely on the presence of toxigenic strains of P multocida [Pasteurella multocida], the level of management, and the immune status of the herd.—The Merck Veterinary Manual, 9th edition, 2005>

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