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Medical Dictionary


noun asyn·clit·ism \(ˈ)ā-ˈsin-klə-ˌtiz-əm, -ˈsiŋ-\

Medical Definition of asynclitism

  1. :  presentation of the fetal head during childbirth with the axis oriented obliquely to the axial planes of the pelvis <Back pain or prolonged active labor is sometimes caused by a subtle malposition called asynclitism, in which the baby's head is tilted and the top of it isn't centered on the cervix.—Penny Simkin et al., Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide, 4th edition, 2010>


\(ˈ)ā-(ˈ)sin-ˈkli-tik, -sən-, -(ˈ)siŋ-, -səŋ-\ play adjective <asynclitic babies> <an asynclitic position>

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