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noun as·tro·glia \as-ˈträg-lē-ə, ˌas-trə-ˈglī-ə\

Medical Definition of astroglia

  1. :  glial tissue composed of astrocytes <Another cell type, astroglia, helps pattern the brain in fetal development and is later involved in synaptic activity.—Sandra Blakeslee, The New York Times, 8 Feb. 2005> <They point to possible problems in uptake of the chemical glutamate by specific neuroglial cells, called astroglia, leading to nerve cell injury and subsequent nerve cell death.—Cat Watch, March 1998>


\-əl\play adjective <These results indicate that astroglial gap junctions provide an activity-dependent intercellular pathway for the delivery of energetic metabolites from blood vessels to distal neurons.—Nathalie Rouach et al., Science, 5 Dec. 2008>

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