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noun ar·thro·cen·te·sis \ˌär-(ˌ)thrō-sen-ˈtē-səs\

Medical Definition of arthrocentesis

plural arthrocenteses \-ˌsēz\play

  1. :  surgical puncture of a joint especially for aspiration of fluid from the joint <Arthrocentesis of the right elbow joint was performed in the emergency department; the aspirate was orange-tinted, with 17,250 white cells per cubic millimeter …—Benjamin T. Davis and Mark S. Pasternack, The New England Journal of Medicine, 21 June 2007> <I asked him to do an arthrocentesis—put a needle in the ankle and get a sample of the suspicious fluid causing the swelling.—Rahul Parikh, The Los Angeles Times, 30 Mar. 2009>

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