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Medical Dictionary


noun ar·te·mis·i·nin \ˌärt-ə-ˈmis-ən-ən\

Medical Definition of artemisinin

  1. :  an antimalarial drug C15H22O5 that is a peroxide derivative of sesquiterpene, is obtained from the leaves of a Chinese artemisia (Artemisia annua) or is made synthetically, and is typically administered with other antimalarial agents (as mefloquine or amodiaquine) <… a new synthetic biology technique that produces artemisinin in a vat may act as a buffer against potential supply crises.—Katherine Bourzac, Discover, January 2014> <On the Thai-Cambodian border, a rogue strain of malaria has started to resist artemisinin, the only remaining effective drug in the world's arsenal against malaria's most deadly strain, Plasmodium falciparum.—Christopher Shay, Time, 14 Nov. 2009>—see artemether, artesunate

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