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noun aph·tha \ˈaf-thə, ˈap-thə\

Medical Definition of aphtha

plural aphthae also apthae \-ˌthē\play

  1. 1:  a speck, flake, or blister on the mucous membranes (as in the mouth or gastrointestinal tract or on the lips) characteristic of some diseases (as thrush)

  2. 2:  one of the vesicles filled with clear serous fluid that occur in the mouth, on the udder, and in the spaces between the digits of cloven-footed animals in some diseases—usually used in plural

  3. 3:  a disease (as foot-and-mouth disease) characterized by aphthae

aphthic \-thik\play adjective

Variants of aphtha

also aptha \ˈap-\play

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