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Medical Dictionary

Anton's syndrome

noun An·ton's syndrome \ˈan-ˌtänz-\

Medical Definition of Anton's syndrome

  1. :  a rare disorder in which blindness associated with damage to the cerebral cortex especially of the occipital lobes is accompanied by denial of visual loss by the patient <Anton's syndrome is usually associated with bilateral cerebral infarcts in the distribution of the posterior cerebral arteries.—Kenneth M. Heilman, in Awareness of Deficit After Brain Injury …, 1991> <Unawareness or denial of blindness in the Anton syndrome is coupled with confabulations.—Michael S. Myslobodsky and Leslie Hicks, in The Mythomanias …, 1997>

Biographical Note for anton's syndrome

Anton \ˈän-ˌtōn\play , Gabriel (1858–1933), German neuropsychiatrist. Anton first described the syndrome that bears his name in an article published in 1899.

Variants of anton's syndrome

also Anton syndrome

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