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Medical Dictionary

annulus fibrosus

noun annulus fi·bro·sus \-fī-ˈbrō-səs, -fi-\

Medical Definition of annulus fibrosus

  1. :  a ring of fibrous tissue (such as that surrounding a heart valve); especially :  the outer portion of an intervertebral disk that surrounds the nucleus pulposus and is composed chiefly of layers of collagen fibers <Disks between the vertebrae have a soft center—a nucleus pulposus—and a tougher exterior, annulus fibrosus.—Matthew Sturdevant, The Hartford (Connecticut) Courant, 30 May 2010> <The nucleus pulposus can bulge out or herniate the anulus fibrosus, but the disk itself does not “slip.”—John Palo, Newsday, 21 Feb. 1990>

Variants of annulus fibrosus

also anulus fibrosus \ˈan-yə-ləs-\play

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