Medical Dictionary


adj an·gu·lar \ˈaŋ-gyə-lər\

Medical Definition of ANGULAR

a :  having an angle or angles b :  forming an angle or corner :  sharp-cornered
:  measured by an angle <angular distance>
:  relating to or having a chemical structure in which a component ring or group is attached at an angle and not in a straight line <an angular methyl group>
:  relating to or situated near an anatomical angle <the angular head of the levator labii superioris>; specifically :  relating to or situated near the inner angle of the eye
an·gu·lar·i·ty \ˌaŋ-gyə-ˈlar-ə-tē\ noun, plural an·gu·lar·i·ties
an·gu·lar·ly adverb
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