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noun an·gio·ker·a·to·ma \ˌan-jē-ō-ˌker-ə-ˈtō-mə\

Medical Definition of angiokeratoma





  1. :  a small, dark red or bluish, benign skin lesion that is composed of dilated capillaries in the upper dermis with accompanying overgrowth of the epidermis and that typically appears singly or in clusters as a raised spot with a scaly or wart-like surface <… a skin lesion called angiokeratoma that often looks like a red rash …—Katie Charles, The Daily News (New York), 31 Dec. 2008>; also :  a condition marked by the presence of angiokeratomas <She suffers from angiokeratoma, an ailment that causes bleeding and painful infections in her legs.—Dan Kinvig, The Star Phoenix (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), 17 July 2004> There are several types of angiokeratomas, including one (angiokeratoma corporis diffusum) associated with Fabry disease.

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