Medical Dictionary


noun ad·e·no·hy·poph·y·sis \-hī-ˈpäf-ə-səs\
plural ad·e·no·hy·poph·y·ses \-ə-ˌsēz\

Medical Definition of ADENOHYPOPHYSIS

:  the anterior part of the pituitary gland that is derived from the embryonic pharynx and is primarily glandular in nature—called also anterior lobe; compare neurohypophysis
ad·e·no·hy·poph·y·se·al \-(ˌ)hī-ˌpäf-ə-ˈsē-əl\ or ad·e·no·hy·po·phys·i·al \-ˌhī-pə-ˈfiz-ē-əl\ adjective


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