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Medical Dictionary

Letterer–Siwe disease

noun Let·ter·er–Si·we disease \ˈlet-ər-ər-ˈsē-və-\

Medical Definition of Letterer–Siwe disease

  1. :  an acute often fatal disease of young children that is marked by proliferation of Langerhans cells and is characterized especially by fever, anemia, hepatosplenomegaly, and a eczematous skin rash

Biographical Note for letterer–siwe disease

Letterer, Erich (1895–1982), German physician. Letterer first described Letterer-Siwe disease in 1924. The author of several textbooks on pathology, he described the disease from the viewpoint of a pathologist.Siwe, Sture August (1897–1966), Swedish pediatrician. Siwe presented another, independent description of Letterer-Siwe disease in 1933, this time from the clinical point of view.

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