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Medical Dictionary

Kussmaul breathing

noun Kuss·maul breathing \ˈku̇s-ˌmau̇l-\

Medical Definition of Kussmaul breathing

  1. :  abnormal deep, rapid, labored breathing that occurs as an involuntary response to severe acidosis (such as that associated with diabetes or kidney failure) Kussmaul breathing serves to give off large amounts of carbon dioxide which temporarily reduces acidosis but typically results in a deficiency of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Biographical Note for kussmaul breathing

Kussmaul, Adolf (1822–1902), German physician. Kussmaul made notable contributions to clinical medicine. In 1873 he introduced the concept of paradoxical pulse in a clinical description of obstructive pericarditis. The following year he described the labored breathing in diabetic coma that is now known as Kussmaul breathing.

Variants of kussmaul breathing

or Kussmaul's breathing \-ˌmau̇lz-\play or Kussmaul respiration or Kussmaul's respiration

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