flag of Tunisia
The Tunisian flag, established in 1835, contains the crescent and moon, a symbol used by the Ottoman Empire but dating from the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians. More as a cultural than a religious symbol, the crescent and star came to be associated with Islam because of its widespread adoption in Muslim nations.

Location of TunisiaAge Breakdown

Official name: Al-Jumhuriyah at-Tunisiyah (Republic of Tunisia).

Form of government: multiparty republic with one legislative house (Chamber of Deputies [163]).

Chief of state: President.

Head of government: Prime Minister.

Population (1998): 9,380,000.

Natural increase rate per 1,000 population (1995-2000): 18.0 (world avg. 15.7).

Land use (1994): forested 4.3%; meadows and pastures 20.0%; agricultural and under permanent cultivation 31.9%; other 43.8%.

Gross national product (1996): U.S.$17,581,000,000 (U.S.$1,930 per capita).