Mondegreen Submission Spotlight: Who Are These People?

We met many wonderful and strange—and fictitious—people during our recent call for misheard lyrics and prose. Here are a few such entries sent into Merriam-Webster Online from all over the world during our celebration of new words for the 2008 release of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary:

Name: Eric Trujillo
Location: Olympia Fields, IL.
Mondegreen: Kay, sit down, sit down! Whatever will be, will be.
Correct lyric: Que sera, sera! Whatever will be, will be.
Artist: Doris Day
Song title: Que Sera Sera.

Name: Mary
Location: Miami
Mondegreen: I'm Marsha Cup
Correct lyric: I'm all shook up
Artist: Elvis Presley
Song title: All Shook Up

Name: Michelle
Location: NYC
Mondegreen: I love Cecile
Correct lyric: Our lips are sealed
Artist: The Go-Gos
Song title: Our Lips Are Sealed

Name: Kelley
Location: Virginia
Mondegreen: Anita the Mormon
Correct lyric: The heat of the moment
Artist: Asia
Song title: The Heat of the Moment

Name: Cheri
Location: Iowa
Mondegreen: Don't know much about the French-eyed Cook
Correct lyric: Don't know much about the French I took
Artist: Sam Cooke
Song title: Wonderful World

Mondegreen: Slow motion Roger. Fire engine guy.
Correct lyric: Smoke on the water. Fire in the sky.
Artist: Deep Purple
Song title: Smoke On The Water.

Who are all these people?!

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