Search Box Instructions

Step 3: Add your search box to your Web page

These instructions are included in each search box download.

  1. Select a search box from:

    Click on the Download link beneath the search box you've chosen. Save the zip file to your hard drive.

  2. Open the zip file using WinZip or a similar application and extract its contents. Each zip file includes a.) a text file containing the search box HTML code and b.) a text file containing these instructions called "instructions.txt".

  3. Using a text editor such as Notepad, open the text file containing the HTML code (called "srchbox[#].txt"). Select and copy all of the text in the file.

  4. Also in a text editor, open the Web page to which you are adding the search box and paste in the HTML code you copied in Step 3. Paste it where you want the search box to appear.

  5. Upload your revised Web page to the appropriate directory on your Web server.

Congratulations! Your visitors now have instant access to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus. They simply enter a word in the appropriate search box and click the "Search" button.

Thank you for taking the time to add Merriam-Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus Search Box to your Web site.

If you have any problems downloading, installing, or using Merriam-Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus Search Box, please write to us at:

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