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Merriam-Webster Search Box Plug-in

Dictionary Search Option for Internet Explorer 7

Merriam-Webster toolbar search for Internet Explorer 7.0


Install this plug-in and use your Internet Explorer 7 search box to look up words in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary instantly—from anywhere on the Web.


  • Merriam-Webster Online search is always available in Internet Explorer 7
  • Just select the "Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary" option in the Internet Explorer 7 search box and type in a word
  • Available for the Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus, Spanish Dictionary, and Medical Dictionary, too
  • Installs in seconds!


  • Internet Explorer 7; Windows XP
  • Note: This download is not compatible with earlier versions of Internet Explorer.


  1. From within Internet Explorer 7, click here to download the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary search box plug-in.

  2. In the popup box click the "Add Provider" button.

    Installation dialogue box
  3. That's it! To begin searching, click on the arrow to the right of the search box and select "Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary" from the drop menu.

    Use the Internet Explorer search option
  4. Type in a word, then press the "Enter" key or click the magnifying glass button, and the definition will open in your browser window (you must be online to search).

    Select Merriam-Webster Dictionary and search
  5. To download plug-ins for other Merriam-Webster Online references, click on the links below and follow the same procedure.


Removing the Merriam-Webster plug-in(s) from your Internet Explorer search box

  1. Open the Internet Explorer 7 browser.

  2. Select "Change Search Defaults..." from the toolbar search box drop down menu.

  3. Select the reference you want to remove from the Search Providers list.

  4. Click "Remove."

  5. Click "OK."