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geographical name Yu·go·sla·via \ˌyü-gō-ˈslä-vē-ə, ˌyü-gə-\

Definition of Yugoslavia

  1. 1 former country S Europe on Balkan Peninsula consisting of Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, & Macedonia; established 1918 as a kingdom (Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes), became a federal republic 1945 ∗ Belgrade

  2. 2 — see serbia and montenegro

Yugoslav play \ˌyü-gō-ˈsläv, -ˈslav; ˈyü-gō-ˌ\ or Yugoslavian play \ˌyü-gō-ˈslä-vē-ən, -gə-\ adjective or noun

Variants of yugoslavia

also Jugoslavia play \ˌyü-gō-ˈslä-vē-ə, ˌyü-gə-\

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to manage or play awkwardly

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