noun \ˈyärn\

: a long, thin piece of cotton, wool, etc., that is thicker than thread and that is used for knitting and weaving

: an exciting or interesting story; especially : a story that is so surprising or unusual that it is difficult to believe

Full Definition of YARN

a :  a continuous often plied strand composed of either natural or man-made fibers or filaments and used in weaving and knitting to form cloth
b :  a similar strand of another material (as metal, glass, or plastic)
:  a narrative of adventures; especially :  a tall tale <a roaring good yarn>

Examples of YARN

  1. The sheep's wool will be spun into yarn.
  2. yarns about ghosts and goblins
  3. a storyteller who spins yarns that will keep any audience riveted

Origin of YARN

Middle English, from Old English gearn; akin to Old High German garn yarn, Greek chordē string, Latin hernia rupture, Sanskrit hira band
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Textiles Terms

batt, bias, brocade, duck, flock, lawn, toile

Rhymes with YARN



Definition of YARN

intransitive verb
:  to tell a yarn
yarn·er noun

First Known Use of YARN



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Continuous strand of fibres grouped or twisted together and used to construct textile fabrics. Yarns are made from both natural and synthetic fibres, in filament or staple form. Filament is very long fibre, including the natural fibre silk and the synthetic fibres. Most fibres that occur in nature are fairly short, or staple, and synthetic fibres may be cut into short, uniform lengths to form staple. Spinning is the process of drawing out and twisting a mass of cleaned, prepared fibres. Filament yarns generally require less twist than do staple yarns. More twist produces stronger yarn; low twist produces softer, shinier yarn. Two or more single strands may be twisted together to form ply yarn. Knitting yarns have less twist than weaving yarns. Thread, used for sewing, is a tightly twisted ply yarn.


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