noun \ˌyä-nō-ˈmä-mē\
plural Yanomami also Yanomamis or Yanomamo or Yanomama

Definition of YANOMAMI

:  an indigenous people inhabiting the rain forests of southern Venezuela and northern Brazil; also :  a member of the Yanomami people
:  the family of four closely related languages spoken by the Yanomami

Variants of YANOMAMI

Ya·no·ma·mi also Ya·no·ma·mo \-mō\ or Ya·no·ma·ma \-mə\

Origin of YANOMAMI

Yanomam i̵ (language of the western Yanomami) yanomam i̵, a self-designation
First Known Use: 1967


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

South American Indians who live in the remote forest of the Orinoco River basin in southern Venezuela and the northern reaches of the Amazon River basin in Brazil. They are hunters and gatherers who also grow crops in gardens by practicing shifting cultivation. Their reputation as a fierce people perpetually at war has been challenged since the late 20th century. Because their survival was threatened by incursions of Brazilian miners, in 1991 the Brazilian government set aside an area of 36,000 sq mi (93,000 sq km) as a homeland.

Variants of YANOMAMI

Yanomami or Yanomamö


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