biographical name \ˈze-nə-fən\

Definition of XENOPHON

ca 431–ca 352 b.c. Greek hist.


biographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(born 431, Attica, Greece—died shortly before 350 BC, Attica) Greek historian. Born of a well-to-do Athenian family, Xenophon was critical of extreme democracy and for a time was exiled as a traitor. He served with the Greek mercenaries of the Persian prince Cyrus, an experience on which he based his best-known work, the Anabasis. Its prose was highly regarded in antiquity and exerted a strong influence on Latin literature. His other works include On Horsemanship; On Hunting; Cyropaedia, a historical novel about Cyrus II; Oeconomicus, a treatise on estate management; and his completion of a work by the historian Thucydides.


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