noun \ˈrāth\

: the spirit of a dead person

plural wraiths \ˈrāths also ˈthz\

Full Definition of WRAITH

a :  the exact likeness of a living person seen usually just before death as an apparition
b :  ghost, specter
:  an insubstantial form or semblance :  shadow
:  a barely visible gaseous or vaporous column
wraith·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Examples of WRAITH

  1. <the people who once lived here believed that their world was populated by wraiths and witches>

Origin of WRAITH

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1513

Other Occult Terms

augury, censor, invocation, lucidity, metempsychosis, mojo, numinous, preternatural, weird

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