adjective \ˈwnt, ˈwōnt also ˈwənt, ˈwänt\

: likely to do something : having a tendency to do something

Full Definition of WONT

:  accustomed, used <got up early as he is wont to do>
:  inclined, apt <revealing as letters are wont to be — Gladys M. Wrigley>

Examples of WONT

  1. <she paced about the room, as she is wont to do whenever she is agitated>

Origin of WONT

Middle English woned, wont, from past participle of wonen to dwell, be used to, from Old English wunian; akin to Old High German wonēn to dwell, be used to, Sanskrit vanoti he strives for — more at win
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with WONT


wontwont or wont·edwont·ing

Definition of WONT

transitive verb
intransitive verb
:  to have the habit of doing something

First Known Use of WONT

15th century



: a usual habit or way of behaving

Full Definition of WONT

:  habitual way of doing :  use

Examples of WONT

  1. <he got up early, as is his wont>

First Known Use of WONT



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