verb with·draw \with-ˈdr, with-\

: to remove (money) from a bank account

: to take (something) back so that it is no longer available

: to take back (something that is spoken, offered, etc.)


Full Definition of WITHDRAW

transitive verb
a :  to take back or away :  remove <pressure upon educational administrators to withdraw academic credit — J. W. Scott>
b :  to remove from use or cultivation
c :  to remove (money) from a place of deposit
d :  to turn away (as the eyes) from an object of attention <withdrew her gaze>
e :  to draw (as a curtain) back or aside
a :  to remove from consideration or set outside a group <withdrew his name from the list of nominees> <withdrew their child from the school>
b (1) :  take back, retract
(2) :  to recall or remove (a motion) under parliamentary procedure
intransitive verb
a :  to move back or away :  retire
b :  to draw back from a battlefield :  retreat
a :  to remove oneself from participation
b :  to become socially or emotionally detached <had withdrawn farther and farther into herself — Ethel Wilson>
:  to recall a motion under parliamentary procedure
with·draw·able \-ˈdr-ə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of WITHDRAW

  1. She withdrew $200 from her checking account.
  2. The prosecutor withdrew her question to the witness.
  3. They have withdrawn the charges.
  4. withdraw support for a candidate

Origin of WITHDRAW

Middle English, from with from + drawen to draw
First Known Use: 13th century
WITHDRAWABLE Defined for Kids


verb with·draw \with-ˈdr, with-\
with·drew \-ˈdrü\with·drawn \-ˈdrn\with·draw·ing

Definition of WITHDRAW for Kids

:  to draw back :  take away <I withdrew money from the bank.>
:  to take back (as something said or suggested) <After reconsidering, I withdrew my complaint.>
:  to go away especially for privacy or safety <… warriors had withdrawn to the valley. — Lloyd Alexander, Time Cat>
Medical Dictionary


verb with·draw \with-ˈdr, with-\
with·drew \-ˈdrü\ with·drawn \-ˈdrn\ with·draw·ing \-ˈdr(-)iŋ\

Medical Definition of WITHDRAW

transitive verb
:  to discontinue use or administration of <withdraw a drug>
intransitive verb
:  to become socially or emotionally detached


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