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with kid gloves

Definition of with kid gloves

  1. :  in a very gentle or careful way :  with special care in order to avoid causing damage or offense <He's very temperamental and needs to be treated with kid gloves.> <School reform is a sensitive issue, and many politicians treat it with kid gloves.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a young goat

    :  a young individual of various animals related to the goat

    :  the flesh, fur, or skin of a kid

  1. :  younger

  1. :  to deceive as a joke

    :  to fail to admit the truth to

    :  to make fun of

gloveplay gloves
  1. :  a covering for the hand having separate sections for each of the fingers and the thumb and often extending part way up the arm

    :  gauntlet

    :  a padded leather covering for the hand used in baseball to catch a thrown or batted ball

  1. :  to cover with or as if with a glove

    :  to furnish with gloves

    :  to catch (as a baseball) in one's gloved hand

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