noun \ˈwin-tər-ˌgrēn\

Definition of WINTERGREEN

:  any of a genus (Pyrola of the family Pyrolaceae, the wintergreen family) of evergreen perennial herbs (as the shinleafs) that have basal leaves and racemose flowers
a :  any of a genus (Gaultheria) of evergreen plants of the heath family; especially :  a low creeping evergreen shrub (G. procumbens) of North America with white flowers and spicy red berries — compare checkerberry
b (1) :  an essential oil from this plant
(2) :  the flavor of this oil <wintergreen lozenges>

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noun \ˈwint-ər-ˌgrēn\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of WINTERGREEN

: any plant of the genus Gaultheria; especially : a low evergreen plant (G. procumbens) with white flowers and spicy red berries


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)—Roger and Joy Spurr/Bruce Coleman Inc.

Any of several evergreen plants in the heath order (Ericales). They grow as woodland wildflowers and are cultivated as garden ground cover. They are also grown as a source of oil of wintergreen, a volatile, pungent oil used to flavour candies and chewing gum and to soothe muscular aches. Wintergreen is an alternative common name for several woodland herbs: those of the genus Pyrola (shinleaf), comprising about 12 species of creeping perennials, and Gaultheria procumbens (also called teaberry and checkerberry; see also snowberry), with white flowers and spicy red berries.


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