noun \ˈhwüsh, ˈwüsh, ˈ(h)wsh\

: the sound made by something that is moving quickly

: a small amount of gas, liquid, etc., that comes from a place quickly

Full Definition of WHOOSH

:  a swift or explosive rush; also :  the sound created by such a rush —often used interjectionally

Origin of WHOOSH

First Known Use: 1856

Rhymes with WHOOSH



: to move very quickly with the sound of quickly flowing air or water

Full Definition of WHOOSH

intransitive verb
:  to rush past or move explosively <cars whooshing along the expressway>
transitive verb
:  to move (a person or thing) with or as if with a whoosh

Examples of WHOOSH

  1. Cars whooshed along the highway.
  2. Water whooshed down the pipe.

First Known Use of WHOOSH



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