whooping crane

whooping crane


Definition of WHOOPING CRANE

:  a large white nearly extinct North American crane (Grus americana) noted for its loud trumpeting call

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First Known Use of WHOOPING CRANE

circa 1730

whooping crane

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Whooping crane (Grus americana).—H. William Belknap

Migratory North American bird (Grus americana) and one of the world's rarest birds, on the verge of extinction. The tallest North American bird, it is almost 5 ft (150 cm) tall and has a wingspread of about 7 ft (210 cm). It is white with black-tipped wings, black legs, and a bare red face and crown. Its shrill, whooping call can be heard for 2 miles (3 km). Almost exterminated in the early 20th century, it became the object of intensive conservation efforts; by century's end there were still fewer than 300 wild and captive individuals. See also sandhill crane.


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