verb white·wash \ˈhwīt-ˌwsh, ˈwīt-, -ˌwäsh\

: to make (something) whiter by painting it with whitewash

: to prevent people from learning the truth about (something bad, such as a dishonest, immoral, or illegal act or situation)

: to defeat (an opponent) easily by winning every game, point, etc.

Full Definition of WHITEWASH

transitive verb
:  to whiten with whitewash
a :  to gloss over or cover up (as vices or crimes) <refused to whitewash the scandal>
b :  to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data
:  to hold (an opponent) scoreless in a game or contest
white·wash·er noun

Examples of WHITEWASH

  1. a book that tries to whitewash the country's past
  2. <refused to whitewash the governor's chronic disregard for the truth>

First Known Use of WHITEWASH




: a white liquid mixture used for making surfaces (such as walls or fences) whiter

: a planned effort to hide a dishonest, immoral, or illegal act or situation

: a defeat in a game or contest in which the loser does not score any points

Full Definition of WHITEWASH

:  a liquid composition for whitening a surface: as
a :  a preparation for whitening the skin
b :  a composition (as of lime and water or whiting, size, and water) for whitening structural surfaces
:  an act or instance of glossing over or of exonerating
:  a defeat in a contest in which the loser fails to score

First Known Use of WHITEWASH



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