noun \ˈhwi-s(ə-)lər, ˈwi-\

Definition of WHISTLER

:  one that whistles: as
a :  any of various birds; especially :  any of numerous oscine birds (especially genus Pachycephala) found chiefly in Australia and South Pacific islands and having a whistling call
b :  a large marmot (Marmota caligata) of northwestern North America having a shrill alarm call
c :  a broken-winded horse
d :  a very-low-frequency radio signal that is generated by lightning discharge, travels along the earth's magnetic-field lines, and produces a sound resembling a whistle of descending pitch in radio receivers

First Known Use of WHISTLER

before 12th century

Rhymes with WHISTLER


biographical name \ˈhwis-lər, ˈwis-\

Definition of WHISTLER

James (Abbott) McNeill 1834–1903 Am. painter & etcher
Whis·tler·ian \hwis-ˈlir-ē-ən, wis-\ adjective


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