noun \ˈhwis-kər, ˈwis-\

: a hair that grows on a man's face

: any one of the long, stiff hairs that grow near the mouth of some animals

: a very small distance or amount

Full Definition of WHISKER

a :  a hair of the beard
b plural
(1) archaic :  mustache (2) :  the part of the beard growing on the sides of the face or on the chin
c :  hairbreadth <lost the race by a whisker>
:  one of the long projecting hairs or bristles growing near the mouth of an animal (as a cat or bird)
:  an outrigger extending on each side of the bowsprit to spread the jib and flying jib guys —usually used in plural
a :  a shred or filament resembling a whisker
b :  a thin hairlike crystal (as of sapphire or copper) of exceptional mechanical strength used especially to reinforce composite structural material
whis·kered \-kərd\ adjective
whis·kery \-k(ə-)rē\ adjective

Examples of WHISKER

  1. He won the race by a whisker.

Origin of WHISKER

singular of whiskers mustache, from 2whisk
First Known Use: circa 1600

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