verb \ˈhwər, ˈwər\

Definition of WHIR

intransitive verb
:  to fly, revolve, or move rapidly with a whir <hummingbirds whirring past>
transitive verb
:  to move or carry rapidly with a whir

Variants of WHIR

whir also whirr \ˈhwər, ˈwər\

Examples of WHIR

  1. <the hummingbird whirred as it hovered over a flower>
  2. <our tires whirred as we traveled over the rough road>

Origin of WHIR

Middle English (Scots) quirren, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Dan hvirre to whirl, whir
First Known Use: 15th century



: the sound made by something that is spinning very fast

Full Definition of WHIR

:  a continuous fluttering or vibratory sound made by something in rapid motion <the whir of machinery>

Variants of WHIR

whir also whirr

Examples of WHIR

  1. the whir of a fan
  2. <a whir coming from the refrigerator>

First Known Use of WHIR



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