adverb \hwer-ˈin, wer-, (ˌ)(h)wər-\

: in what way : in what

Full Definition of WHEREIN

:  in what :  in what particular or respect <wherein was I wrong>

Examples of WHEREIN

  1. Wherein lies the secret to the company's success?
  2. <wherein this document can be demonstrated to be out of compliance with current standards, that section will be considered null and void>

First Known Use of WHEREIN

13th century

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: in which

: during which

: in what way

Full Definition of WHEREIN

a :  in which :  where <the city wherein he lives>
b :  during which
:  in what way :  how <showed me wherein I was wrong>

Examples of WHEREIN

  1. the city wherein he lives
  2. There was a period in her life wherein she took no active part in politics.
  3. He showed me wherein I was wrong.

First Known Use of WHEREIN

14th century


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