verb \ˈhwēz, ˈwēz\

: to breathe loudly and with difficulty

: to make a sound like a person who is breathing with difficulty


Full Definition of WHEEZE

intransitive verb
:  to breathe with difficulty usually with a whistling sound
:  to make a sound resembling that of wheezing <the bellows wheezed>

Examples of WHEEZE

  1. He was up all night hacking and wheezing.
  2. The car's motor wheezed and stalled.

Origin of WHEEZE

Middle English whesen, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse hvæsa to hiss; akin to Old English hwǣst action of blowing, Sanskrit śvasiti he blows, snorts
First Known Use: 15th century



: the sound made by a person who is having difficulty breathing or a similar sound : the sound of wheezing

: a clever idea or joke

Full Definition of WHEEZE

:  a sound of wheezing
a :  an often repeated and widely known joke used especially by entertainers
b :  a trite saying or proverb

Examples of WHEEZE

  1. Between gasps and wheezes, he tried to explain what had happened.
  2. the wheeze of an engine
  3. We can count on him for a good wheeze.

First Known Use of WHEEZE



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