biographical name \ˈwen(t)-sə-ˌsls, -sləs\

Definition of WENCESLAS

1361–1419 king of Germany & Holy Rom. emp. (1378–1400) & (as Wenceslas IV) king of Bohemia (1378–1419)

Variants of WENCESLAS

Wen·ces·las G Wen·zel \ˈven(t)-səl\


biographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(born Feb. 26, 1361, Nürnberg—died Aug. 16, 1419, Prague) King of Bohemia (as Wenceslas IV, 1363–96) and German king and Holy Roman emperor (1378–1400). The son of the emperor Charles IV, he was a weak ruler whose reign was plagued by wars and princely rivalries. He spent most of his time in Prague to the detriment of Germany, which suffered a decade of anarchy until peace was established by the Diet at Eger (1389). He was deposed by rebellious princes in 1400.


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