verb \ˈwelsh, ˈwelch\

Definition of WELSH

intransitive verb
sometimes offensive :  to avoid payment —used with on
sometimes offensive :  to break one's word :  renege
welsh·er noun, sometimes offensive

Variants of WELSH

welsh also welch \ˈwelch\

Origin of WELSH

probably from Welsh, adjective
First Known Use: 1905


noun \ˈwelsh, ˈwelch\

: the language of the Welsh people

the Welsh : the people of Wales

Full Definition of WELSH

:  the Celtic language of the Welsh people
plural in construction :  the natives or inhabitants of Wales
Welsh also Welch adjective

Variants of WELSH

Welsh also Welch \ˈwelch\

Origin of WELSH

Middle English Walsche, Welsse, from walisch, welisch, adjective, Welsh, from Old English wælisc, welisc foreign, British, Welsh, from Old English Wealh foreigner, Briton, Welshman, of Celtic origin; akin to the source of Latin Volcae, a Celtic people of southeastern Gaul
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Language Terms

cognate, collocation, homonym


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