noun \ˈwēk-ˌfish\

Definition of WEAKFISH

:  a common marine bony fish (Cynoscion regalis of the family Sciaenidae) of the eastern coast of the United States that is an important sport and food fish —called also sea trout
:  any of several fishes congeneric with the weakfish

Origin of WEAKFISH

obsolete Dutch weekvis, from Dutch week soft + vis fish
First Known Use: 1791


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several species (genus Cynoscion) in the drum family (Sciaenidae), carnivorous bottom-dwelling fishes along warm and tropical seashores. The name weakfish refers to their delicate mouth, which is easily torn by fishhooks. About six species inhabit North American coasts. The weakfish, or sea trout (Cynoscion regalis), is a sport fish but is usually less than 2 ft (60 cm) long. Weakfish are caught commercially along the Middle Atlantic coastal states and are considered the most economically important species in the family. The spotted sea trout (C. nebulosus) is found along Florida's Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Sea trouts resemble but are not related to true trouts.

Variants of WEAKFISH

weakfish or sea trout


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