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adjective wa·ter·tight \ˌw-tər-ˈtīt, ˌwä-\

: put or fit together so tightly that water cannot enter or pass through

: too strong or effective to fail or to be defeated

Full Definition of WATERTIGHT

:  of such tight construction or fit as to be impermeable to water except when under sufficient pressure to produce structural discontinuity
:  leaving no possibility of misconstruction or evasion <a watertight lease>
wa·ter·tight·ness noun

Examples of WATERTIGHT

  1. The doors are all watertight.
  2. The evidence against the defendant was watertight.

First Known Use of WATERTIGHT

14th century

Rhymes with WATERTIGHT

acolyte, aconite, aerolite, Ammonite, Amorite, amosite, anchorite, andesite, anthracite, antiwhite, apartheid, appetite, arsenite, azurite, Bakelite, bedlamite, Benthamite, biotite, bipartite, black-and-white, blatherskite, bleacherite, bring to light, Brooklynite, bryophyte, calamite, Canaanite, candlelight, Carmelite, Castroite, catamite, cellulite, cenobite, chalcocite, chestnut blight, Chinese white, columbite, coprolite, copyright, cryolite, crystallite, disinvite, disunite, divine right, dolerite, dolomite, dynamite, ebonite, epiphyte, eremite, erudite, expedite, extradite, featherlight, fight-or-flight, fly-by-night, gelignite, geophyte, gesundheit, gigabyte, Gilsonite, Hashemite, hematite, hemocyte, hessonite, Hitlerite, Houstonite, hug-me-tight, Hutterite, hyalite, Ibsenite, impolite, inner light, Ishmaelite, Isle of Wight, Israelite, Jacobite, Jerseyite, Josephite, kilobyte, kimberlite, laborite, lazulite, leading light, Leavisite, Leninite, leukocyte, lily-white, localite, lymphocyte, macrophyte, magnetite, malachite, manganite, Marcionite, Masonite, megabyte, Mennonite, Minorite, Moabite, Mr. Right, muscovite, Muscovite, Nazirite, neophyte, oocyte, open sight, out-of-sight, overbite, overflight, overnight, oversight, overwrite, parasite, patent right, perovskite, phagocyte, pilot light, plebiscite, proselyte, Puseyite, pyrrhotite, recondite, reunite, rhyolite, running light, Saint Paulite, saprolite, satellite, Scottish rite, second sight, see the light, self-ignite, serve one right, shergottite, socialite, sodalite, sodomite, spider mite, Stagirite, Sydneyite, taconite, tanzanite, terabyte, time-of-flight, traffic light, transfinite, transvestite, tripartite, troglodyte, Trotskyite, Ulsterite, ultralight, underwrite, urbanite, vigil light, Wahhabite, water right, water sprite, Wycliffite, xerophyte, yesternight, zoophyte
WATERTIGHT Defined for Kids


adjective wa·ter·tight \ˌw-tər-ˈtīt, ˌwä-\

Definition of WATERTIGHT for Kids

:  so tight as to be waterproof <The pipe's joints are watertight.>


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