adjective wa·tery \ˈw-tə-rē, ˈwä-\

: containing or filled with water or a similar liquid

of a liquid : very thin and similar to water in appearance, taste, etc.

: pale and seeming to have little substance

Full Definition of WATERY

a :  consisting of, filled with, or surrounded by water
b :  containing, sodden with, or yielding water or a thin liquid <a watery solution> <watery vesicles>
a :  resembling water or watery matter especially in thin fluidity, soggy texture, paleness, or lack of savor <watery sunlight> <a watery soup> <watery diarrhea>
b :  exhibiting weakness and vapidity :  wishy-washy <a watery writing style>
wa·ter·i·ly \-tə-rə-lē\ adverb
wa·ter·i·ness \-tə-rē-nəs\ noun

Examples of WATERY

  1. The pollen caused her eyes to become watery.
  2. The soup was watery and had no flavor.
  3. the watery light of winter

First Known Use of WATERY

before 12th century

Rhymes with WATERY

WATERINESS Defined for Kids


adjective wa·tery \ˈw-tə-rē, ˈwä-\

Definition of WATERY for Kids

:  full of or giving out liquid <watery eyes>
:  containing or giving out water or a thin liquid <a watery mixture>
:  like water especially in being thin, soggy, pale, or without flavor <watery soup>
:  lacking in strength or determination <a watery smile>
Medical Dictionary


adjective wa·tery \ˈwt-ə-rē, ˈwät-\

Medical Definition of WATERY

:  consisting of or filled with water
:  containing, sodden with, or yielding water or a thin liquid <a watery solution> <watery stools>


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