noun \ˈw-tər-ˌfa(-ə)l, ˈwä-\

: a duck or similar bird that swims and lives in or near water

plural wa·ter·fowl also wa·ter·fowls

Full Definition of WATERFOWL

:  a bird that frequents water; especially :  a swimming game bird (as a duck or goose) as distinguished from an upland game bird or shorebird

Examples of WATERFOWL

  1. The lake is a refuge for migrating waterfowl.

First Known Use of WATERFOWL

14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any member of the family Anatidae, web-footed birds with a broad bill containing fine plates, or lamellae; usually stocky and often long-necked, including ducks, geese (see goose), and swans. Waterfowl feed by dabbling, diving, or grazing. Most species are social and have an array of formal displays and group cohesion signals. Almost all breed in water. The female usually selects the nest site, builds the nest from any vegetation within reach, and incubates the 3–12 eggs. Shortly after hatching, the young imprint on their mother (see imprinting). Many species are migratory.


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