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water clock


Definition of water clock

  1. :  an instrument designed to measure time by the fall or flow of a quantity of water —called also clepsydra


First Known Use of water clock


Rhymes with water clock

acid rock, aftershock, alarm clock, alpenstock, antilock, Antioch, Arawak, banjo clock, billycock, building block, butcher-block, chockablock, chopping block, cinder block, clean one's clock, common stock, country rock, cuckoo clock, culture shock, floating dock, four-o'clock, future shock, glitter rock, hammerlock, hollyhock, Holy Loch, interlock, in the dock, John Hancock, kill the clock, lady's-smock, Languedoc, laughingstock, Little Rock, manioc, monadnock, on the block, out of stock, penny stock, phosphate rock, pillow block, poppycock, preferred stock, Ragnarok, rolling stock, septic shock, starting block, shuttlecock, spatterdock, sticker shock, summer stock, superblock, tracking stock, treasury stock, turkey-cock, vapor lock, weathercock, writer's block

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articulated in the throat

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