noun \ˈwä-chər, ˈw-\

: a person who watches someone or something regularly

Full Definition of WATCHER

:  one that watches: as
a :  one that sits up or continues awake at night
b :  watchman
c (1) :  one that keeps watch beside a dead person
(2) :  one that attends a sick person at night
d :  a person who closely follows or observes someone or something <a Supreme Court watcher> —often used in combination <celebrity-watchers>
e :  a representative of a party or candidate who is stationed at the polls on an election day to watch the conduct of officials and voters

Examples of WATCHER

  1. <the inexperienced babysitter turned out to be a well-meaning but hopelessly incompetent watcher of young children>
  2. <a safari that affords wildlife watchers plenty of opportunities to see Africa's grandest creatures in their natural habitat>

First Known Use of WATCHER

13th century

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