noun \ˈwā-stər\

: someone or something that uses too much of something or that uses something in a way that is not necessary or effective

: a person who never succeeds : a person who is not successful, attractive, etc.

Full Definition of WASTER

a (1) :  one that spends or consumes extravagantly and without thought for the future (2) :  a dissolute person
b :  one that uses wastefully or causes or permits waste <a procedure that is a waster of time>
c :  one that lays waste :  destroyer
:  an imperfect or inferior manufactured article or object

Examples of WASTER

  1. He has been called a waster of taxpayers' money.
  2. He thinks every meeting is a big time waster.

First Known Use of WASTER

14th century

Rhymes with WASTER


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