adjective \ˈwr-ˌlīk\

: liking or tending to fight in wars or to start wars

: showing or suggesting that a country, group, etc., is ready or eager to fight a war

: of, relating to, or useful in war

Full Definition of WARLIKE

obsolete :  ready for war :  equipped to fight
:  fit for, disposed to, or fond of war :  bellicose <a warlike people>
:  of, relating to, or useful in war <warlike preparations>
:  befitting or characteristic of war or a soldier <warlike cries>

Examples of WARLIKE

  1. The government has been criticized for its warlike attitude.
  2. <a seafarer's legend that the remote island was inhabited by a warlike and uncivilized tribe>

First Known Use of WARLIKE

15th century


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