noun \ˈwr-blər\

: any one of many different kinds of small singing birds that live in America and Europe

Full Definition of WARBLER

:  one that warbles :  singer, songster
a :  any of numerous small chiefly Old World oscine birds (family Sylviidae) many of which are noted songsters and are closely related to the thrushes
b :  any of numerous small brightly colored American oscine birds (family Parulidae) with a usually weak and unmusical song —called also wood warbler

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First Known Use of WARBLER

circa 1611


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any songbird of almost 350 Old World species (family Sylviidae) or about 120 New World species (families Parulidae and Peucedramidae). Old World warblers, found in gardens, woodlands, and marshes, have a slender bill adapted for gleaning insects from foliage. They occur mainly from Europe and Asia to Africa and Australia, but a few (e.g., the gnatcatcher) live in the Americas. They are drab greenish, brownish, or black and 3.5–10 in. (9–26 cm) long. See also blackcap, blackpoll warbler, gnatcatcher, wood warbler.


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