noun \ˈwā-vər\

: the act of choosing not to use or require something that you are allowed to have or that is usually required

: an official document indicating that someone has given up or waived a right or requirement

Full Definition of WAIVER

:  the act of intentionally relinquishing or abandoning a known right, claim, or privilege; also :  the legal instrument evidencing such an act
:  the act of a club's waiving the right to claim a professional ball player who is being removed from another club's roster —often used in the phrase on waivers denoting the process by which a player to be removed from a roster is made available to other clubs

Examples of WAIVER

  1. a criminal defendant's waiver of a jury trial
  2. The college got a special waiver from the town to exceed the building height limit.
  3. He signed an insurance waiver before surgery.

Origin of WAIVER

Anglo-French weyver, from waiver, verb
First Known Use: 1628


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