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noun Wah·habi \wə-ˈhä-bē, wä-\

Definition of Wahhabi

  1. :  a member of a puritanical Muslim sect founded in Arabia in the 18th century by Muhammad ibn-Abdul Wahhab and revived by ibn-Saud in the 20th century

Wahhabismplay also Wahabism \-ˈhä-ˌbi-zəm\ noun
Wahhabiteplay also Wahabite \-ˌbīt\ adjective or noun

Variants of wahhabi

also Wahabi play \wə-ˈhä-bē, wä-\

Origin of wahhabi

Arabic wahhābī, from Muḥammad b. ʽAbd al-Wahhāb (Abdul-Wahhab) †1787 Arab religious reformer

First Known Use: 1807

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to expose to danger or risk

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