noun wag·on \ˈwa-gən\

: a vehicle with four wheels that is used for carrying heavy loads or passengers and that is usually pulled by animals (such as horses)

: a small, low vehicle with four wheels that children play with

: a railway car that carries goods

Full Definition of WAGON

a :  a usually four-wheeled vehicle for transporting bulky commodities and drawn originally by animals
b :  a lighter typically horse-drawn vehicle for transporting goods or passengers
c :  paddy wagon
British :  a railway freight car
:  a low four-wheeled vehicle with an open rectangular body and a retroflex tongue made for the play or use of a child
:  a small wheeled table used for the service of a dining room <the dessert wagon>
:  a delivery truck <a milk wagon>
off the wagon
:  in or into a state of no longer abstaining from alcoholic beverages <fell off the wagon>
on the wagon
:  in or into a state of abstaining from alcoholic beverages

Examples of WAGON

  1. Pioneers crossed the American Midwest in wagons.
  2. He pulled his stuffed animals around in a little red wagon.

Origin of WAGON

Dutch wagen, from Middle Dutch — more at wain
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with WAGON



Definition of WAGON

intransitive verb
:  to travel or transport goods by wagon
transitive verb
:  to transport (goods) by wagon

First Known Use of WAGON

WAGON Defined for Kids


noun wag·on \ˈwa-gən\

Definition of WAGON for Kids

:  a vehicle having four wheels and used for carrying goods
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