geographical name \ˈwər-təm-ˌbərg, ˈwr-; ˈvuer-təm-ˌberk\

Definition of WÜRTTEMBERG

region SW Germany between Baden & Bavaria; chief city Stuttgart; once a duchy, kingdom (1813–1918), state (1918–45); divided 1945–51, S part being joined to Hohenzollern forming Württemberg–Hohenzollern state & N part to N Baden forming Württemberg–Baden state; since 1951 part of Baden-Württemberg state


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Former state, Germany. Its territory approximated the central and eastern areas of the present-day German state of Baden-Württemberg. The capital was Stuttgart. Originally inhabited by Celts, Württemberg was occupied successively by Suevi, Romans, Alemanni, and Franks. In the Middle Ages it was part of Swabia. Württemberg became an electorate in 1803 and a kingdom in 1806. A constitutional monarchy (1819–1918), it became an independent republic in 1918 but joined the Weimar Republic in 1919. Württemberg came under the control of the Third Reich in 1934. During World War II the Allies overran it (1945). It was made part of Baden-Württemberg in 1952.


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