noun \ˈvi-ij, ˈv(-)ij\

: a long journey to a distant or unknown place especially over water or through outer space

Full Definition of VOYAGE

:  an act or instance of traveling :  journey
:  a course or period of traveling by other than land routes <a long sea voyage>
:  an account of a journey especially by sea

Examples of VOYAGE

  1. The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage.
  2. He wrote about his many voyages into the South Seas.
  3. a manned voyage to Mars

Origin of VOYAGE

Middle English viage, veyage, from Anglo-French veiage, from Late Latin viaticum, from Latin, traveling money, from neuter of viaticus of a journey, from via way — more at way
First Known Use: 14th century

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: to take a long journey usually by ship or boat


Full Definition of VOYAGE

intransitive verb
:  to take a trip :  travel
transitive verb
:  sail, traverse
voy·ag·er noun

Examples of VOYAGE

  1. They voyaged to distant lands.
  2. He spent his youth voyaging around the globe.

First Known Use of VOYAGE

15th century


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